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As a traveling member of a Sport Club at FSU, I understand that (Select all that apply):

Who CANNOT travel? (Select all that apply):

What must be completed prior to departure? (Select all that apply)

Consent forms are required for all players in your club, whether they travel or not.

Sport club participants, including coaches and instructors, are prohibited from partaking in the following during any and all club functions (Select all that apply):

The trip leader can be a club officer who is not traveling.

I understand that if any major items of concern or emergencies occur while on a trip, I should immediately report them via the emergency contacts in the travel binder.

Only one driver needs to have a Private Vehicle Consent Form on file, even if multiple cars are being taken on the trip.

What must be completed 3 business day after returning to Tallahassee that is NOT reimbursement related?

Where should all Pre and Post Travel documents be submitted?

Does your club plan on reimbursing members for travel through Allocation or Foundation Accounts?

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