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The Department of Travel Representative is responsible for processing all student travel documentation.
(This includes Travel Authorizations, Expense Reports, Receipts, and Program presentation page)

This form must be received by COGS completed with the required documentation no less than 15 business days prior to your conference.‚Äč

These grants are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is the intent of COGS that, if possible, the department be the primary source of funding with COGS funding as a supplemental source.

Conference grant money is divided into 3 time periods: July 1–October 31, November 1–February 29, and March 1–June 30.

Applications may be turned in no earlier than June 1 for the July 1–October 31 time period, October 1 for the November 1–February 29 time period, and February 1 for the March 1–June 30 time period. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your application will not be reviewed if it is turned in any earlier than the respective period!!!
In what time period are you applying for Conference grant money?

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